The Hordle Community Association does what it says on the tin!

The HCA is here to look after the day to day running of the Hordle Community Center. The HCA not only looks after the bookings
for the hall but will be putting on more and more events for the Hordle residents and the surounding areas. The current events
on offer are THE SATURDAY CAFE, BINGO EVENING and even events like the pop up pubs.

There will be other events that will hopefully become regular as time goes on, there will also be time were the community can come
along and just enjoy a drink, company and some light entertainment.

For more information keep an eye on the website and/or our social media pages.

Find out about the HISTORY of the HCA.

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This Years HCA Members are:-

Chair Person:- Andrew Boettger

Secretary:- Natalie Boettger (temp)

Treasurer – Natalie Boettger

Booking secretary:- Andrew Boettger

Webmaster:- Andrew Antonsen

Social Media/PR:- Laura Davis

Members Secretary – Stacey Antonsen

Committee Member 1:- Brenda Cramp

Committee Member 2:- Sue Evens

Committee Member 3:- Andrew Antonsen

Committee Member 4:- Francesca Tucker

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